3 DAYS 2 NIGHT Starting At US$ 982 per person

    Trip Itinerary

    Day 1


    On arrival in Palangka Raya, we pick you up from the airport in our air-conditioned private charter car. From here we travel to Sei Gohong village and board a simple local canoe to see the beautiful orangutan island, home to rehabilitated orangutans before their release into the wild. We watch from a distance that will not disturb this process as they adapt to the natural forest environment of the island. We have lunch in a favourite Dayak grill warung during the 2.5 hour drive to Jahanjang port on the Katingan River. Here we board the Spirit of Kalimantan for a welcome drink and snack as the boat heads upstream to the village of Jahanjang. Walk through this delightful village to the beautiful Danau Bulat to see the cattle feed local industry and to watch the sunset. The boat finds a quiet mooring for the night near the Sebangau National Park entrance. (LD)

    Canoe access to Sebangau

    Day 2


    The Spirit of Kalimantan cruises downstream to the small Punggu Alas River, where canoes are waiting to make the transfer into the National Park. Make sure you wear your walking shoes and bring mosquito repellent. On arrival at the research and information site, we have a short presentation on activities at the research centre and then we will stroll around the camp and then walk deeper into the forest with an experienced guide to spot some of the wildlife that makes this forest home. Observations of orangutans, sun bears, wild boar or clouded leopard cannot be guaranteed.

    After the exertion of trekking through the Sebangu Forest, we make the short return trip to the Spirit of Kalimantan for a cool drink. As a delicious lunch is served, the boat cruises downstream 2 to 3 hours along the wide muddy river with forested riversides and passing tiny, subsistence villages, to our southernmost destination – the village of Telaga. Here we take a walk through this isolated and surprisingly busy outpost. Learn how they survive with such a simple lifestyle and visit their busy fish market. Buy some of their giant river prawns for dinner (if there are any available). Return to the boat, which will find a quiet mooring place for the night. (BLD)

    Day 3


    After breakfast this morning, we cruise to the nearby Klaru River. At the river mouth, we are joined by some local canoes to explore this beautiful black water lake system. Within RMU’s Katingan Mentaya Project forest rehabilitation area, we learn more about their REDD+ project as we quietly cruise upstream to a site to watch birds, proboscis monkeys and a variety of other wildlife. Marvel at the reflections here, especially during the rainy season. Enjoy your final lunch on board as we make the 3 hour cruise to Jahanjang, where we transfer to cars for the return journey to Palangka Raya. (BL)