Discover the Natural Wonders of famed Tanjung Puting and Sebangau Orangutan National Parks from our comfortable boats. Relax on board while navigating the Majestic Rivers of Central Kalimantan. Every cruise benefits local Communities and Foundations.

Our cruises are COVID safe. Check our Clean Care Pledge


Tanjung Puting National Park & Camp Leakey Cruise

This cruise into the famed orangutan National Park is aboard our air conditioned boats, The Sekonyer and the Kumai, uniquely offering join in cruises on boats with air conditioned, ensuite cabins and our famous food.


Orangutan & Dayak Village River Cruise

This cruise along the Kahayan River offers a combination of orangutan sightings along the river on natural islands, a visit to the BOS Foundation as well as cultural stops to riverside Dayak villages. The cruise program is subject to river levels. 


Katingan River & Sebangau National Park Cruise

Want to glimpse a wild orangutan? This is your opportunity to try, on a cruise along the majestic Katingan River. An adventurous experience where few other tourists venture.


Private Charter River Cruises

Provides the perfect way for families, friends or businesses to cruise on board luxurious river boats, looking for a special experience to see the iconic orangutan in its native habitat. Our boats have different capacities and our programs tailored for your group